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Pattern Making


Patternmaking is the age old art of taking a concept or design and transforming it into a fully functional three dimensional tool that is a fundamental part of the foundry process. 3D printing and CNC machining have refined this process for many of the patterns Austral Alloys procures on  behalf of its clients.


To manufacture any casting a pattern must first be made. The pattern will have allowances for the contraction that takes place as the metal cools from solidification to room temperature, it will have machining allowance added where required and it will be made in such a fashion that the pattern can be extracted from the sand mould.


The design and construction of a pattern is a complex procedure that will have an effect on both the cost and quality of the finished casting and the lifespan of the pattern. Austral Alloys recommends that the foundry be involved at this stage of the casting process to achieve the best possible outcome for both client and foundry.


Austral Alloys has relationships with many pattern shops, each having their own niche or speciality and can design and oversee the manufacture of patterns to achieve the most cost effective outcome for the total project. We have assisted with the design and manufacture of over 7000 patterns to date, ranging from single use foam patterns to high use metal tooling and are capable of transforming anything from a "hand drawn concept sketch" to a "3D CAD model" and into an efficient pattern.


Austral Alloys offers a reverse engineering service for obsolete or worn parts whereby patterns can be manufactured directly from a new or worn component. This service proves particularly useful and cost effective when large ancillary costs are involved in replacing an obsolete component. 

Talk to us about our patternmaking services for the right outcome on your casting requirements.

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