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Melting & Pouring


Foundries were the first metal recyclers and Austral Alloys is proud to continue this tradition. All segregated scrap material is purchased from metal recyclers. All base melting stock is scrap steel which is blended and alloyed by our specialist metallurgists on site to achieve the required chemical composition for each individual casting.



Melting is conducted by Austral Alloys in its 500Kw Inductotherm Power-Trak® High Frequency Induction furnace. The furnace bodies are lined with different refractory materials to optimise the best requirements of the alloy being melted. The furnace bodies range in size allowing a single melt capacity of up to 2000kg. 


Before pouring, all melts are chemically analysed using our Spectromax Optical Emission Spectrometer. Chemistry is then adjusted as necessary and re checked ensuring that every heat poured is chemically certified and traceable through our quality system. The charges (recipes) for the 300 plus alloys currently produced are documented in our custom database.


Melting and pouring temperatures are specified and monitored for every casting and are checked using a digital dip type pyrometer.



Austral Alloys, in partnership with Foseco Australia, has pioneered argon purging via ceramic diffuser technology in Australia. This results in the ability to regularly produce cleaner castings with lower oxide levels & higher Charpy impact strengths than standard melting and pouring practices achieve.

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